There are here basic information about the pilgrimage

WHAT is the Pilgrimage

It is a religious activity to be fully immerse in your faith

WHY POLISH Walking Marian Pilgrimage

It is an ancient Christian tradition to walk to the tombs of saints (Santiago de Compostella) or place of a special  meaning to Christians. In Poland there a more then 300 years old tradition to walk to the Our Lady of Czestochowa. We do the same in USA. One of the pilgrimages is from Chicago to Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine in Merrillville, Indiana.

HOW to participate

  • Pray
  • Prepare
  • Sing up
  • Walk


Click HERE for the addresses where you can SING UP for the pilgrimage


August 10-11, 2019
The opening Eucharist is in the St. Michael Church  at 7:30 AM
8235 S South Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60617 (E 83rd St South Shore Drive, Chicago)
The Walk stars right after.

DISTANCE – Directions

Saturday, August 10 – 22 miles
8235 S South Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60617 (E 83rd St South Shore Drive, Chicago),
Our Lady of Ludźmierz in Muster (Carmelite Fathers)
1628 Ridge Road
Munster, IN 46321 – U.S.A


Sunday, August 11 – 11 miles

7:00 am – We leave Munster
about 1:30 pm we arrive to the Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine
2:00 pm – Holy Eucharist

The pilgrimage will take place regardless of weather conditions.


  • Any health problems should be reported upon registration
  • Pilgrims should be equipped with basic medications, first-aid supplies, and if they take any prescription medication, they are obliged to have these with them. It is also necessary to have a list (names) of the medications they are taking. If taking the medicine requires, for example, syringes, these should also be brought.
  • The pilgrim confirms compliance with these regulations by signing this document.
  • Any undignified behavior or non-compliance with the regulations by the pilgrim may result in the decision of the guide to expel that person from the pilgrimage (no refund).
  • The organizers reserve the right of decision-making in situations not provided for in these regulations.


  • Child up to ten years – $25
  • Others – $45
  • Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Organizers may grant discounts or exemptions at their discretion.

By paying the registration fee, the pilgrim receives:

  • Participant card – pilgrim’s ID,
  • Scarf,
  • Pilgrimage badge,
  • Transportation of heavy luggage,
  • Drinks on the route,
  • Meals in Munster (lunch and breakfast),
  • Toilets during rest stops,
  • Accommodation tents in Munster, IN.

The pilgrims should bring: comfortable shoes — not new!! and protective headgear against the sun. It should also be noted that long sleeves and pant legs help to protect against burns and allergies from asphalt.

We also bring with us in a small backpack:

  • Rosary, a prayer book, a songbook
  • Rain gear
  • ID
  • Drugs that you take on a permanent basis in the amount sufficient for two days. Write down the name of the illness and the dose of the medication on the pilgrim ID card.

You may not follow the pilgrimage with your own car!

A Walking Marian Pilgrimage is an act of faith of the Church community. To emphasize this truth, we call each other “sister” and “brother”. Let us strive not to let these words be merely an empty phrase, but to care for the good of other pilgrims and the people we meet during the pilgrimage. We are witnesses of the love of Christ to the people we meet. It imposes a special responsibility on each of us — not to betray the trust placed in us. We will not achieve the purpose of our pilgrimage without the help of people of good will along the entire route. Therefore, we should give thanks for each gift with a kind word and prayer. We show friendliness through Christian greetings. We will not be demanding. In the spirit of gratitude, we accept what they may offer us.


  • Walking Marian Pilgrimage is a religious event undertaken for reasons of faith. It should be experienced in a spirit of prayer, mutual respect, kindness, brotherly help and discipline. The way pilgrims treat each other should be based on the Christian commandment of God’s love and neighborly love.
  • The pilgrimage is also penitential. In this spirit, pilgrims endure the hardships of walking all the way and all inconveniences.
  • The pilgrim should take an active part in the pilgrimage program (Holy Mass, prayers, listening to conferences, etc.).
  • Participants of the Pilgrimage should dress properly — modestly, appropriate to the religious nature of the pilgrimage.
  • All banners, costumes and symbols must be accepted by the organizers — the Pilgrimage may not be used to propagate any ideas inconsistent with Church teachings.


  • Only pilgrims with pilgrimage ID cards can take part in the pilgrimage.
  • Pilgrimage ID card should be carried with you at all times (it is used for distributing meals and traveling by bus). It should be shown at the request of the security service.
  • Those under eighteen years of age should submit the written consent of their parents or guardians to participate in the pilgrimage.
  • Children remain under the full care of their parents or guardians throughout the entire duration of the pilgrimage. They should be provided with a card containing a contact phone number for their parents.


  • During the pilgrimage it is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages and use drugs.
  • Each pilgrim is obliged to observe all security measures, both on the route and in rest areas as well as in places of accommodation, and to comply with the decisions made by the organizers of the pilgrimage and the security service.
  • The pilgrims take care of the tidiness of the rest stops, accommodation and the pilgrimage route.
  • Filming the pilgrimage can be done only with the consent of the organizers.


  • Contribute to the religious nature of the pilgrimage through participation in Holy Mass, conferences and other prayers.
  • Wear the pilgrimage badge in a visible and dignified place and have the Pilgrim ID Card with personal details and show it at the request of the pilgrimage services.
  • Preserve the penitential nature of the pilgrimage through personal conduct in a spirit of faith and renunciation (in this spirit, we accept all duties and prohibitions).
  • Give a good example of a positive attitude to other pilgrims.
  • Wear proper clothing. Shoulders should be covered and pants or a skirt should reach at least to the knees.
  • Respect all of God’s gifts that I receive through other people, especially every piece of bread and every gift from our benefactors. Always walk on the road so as not to destroy fields and meadows. Use mobile phones only during rest stops.
  • Give up smoking and drinking alcohol (in any form).
  • During the pilgrimage, co-ed accommodation is forbidden.
  • Follow all orders of the pilgrimage services.

Is the pilgrimage bilingual?

The main language is Polish. There are prayers and talks in English too, but to a limited extent.

Please, now is time to start to PRAY for your intentions and of other pilgrims:

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with you.
Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Salvatorian Fathers

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Merrillville, IN 46410


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